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The Process

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Assesstment Process

1. Comprehensive equipment evaluation

2. DNA swing evaluation

3. Equipment testing

4. Review, explain and recommend


        When you hit golf balls in a real ball flight, you get the confirmation of seeing exactly where the ball is going. Yes, we use the latest analysis equipment, including launch monitors to collect data while monitoring your shots, but more importantly you can see what is actually happening and where your shots actually go.


        A clubfitting at The Golf Doctor is a comprehensive, performance based process that is designed to make sure that you have the optimal golf clubs for your game. The process has been developed over 15 years, and insures that you get the best equipment.  At The Golf Doctor, we have over 1,000 different test club combinations to insure that we can determine the proper club for you. 

Driver Fitting

    The angle that your golf ball is launched into the air is important, but equally important is the angle that your ball descends and the spin rate of the golf ball through its flight.  By measuring the entire flight of the ball, TrackMan™/Flightscope allows us to accurately determine the descent angle of the ball and better fit you so that you get maximum carry and roll from your drives.

The amount of ball spin effects how the golf ball lifts into the air. Too little spin and the ball loses carry distance; too much spin and the ball loses roll. The closer your driver comes to optimizing the spin rates of your golf ball, the closer you can come to maximum overall distance.

Different golfers have different natural shot tendencies (some hit a draw; some hit a fade) and so do different clubheads. Some clubheads are designed to promote one type of ball flight over another. The wood fitting gives us the ability to match your swing with the appropriate type of clubhead to optimize your performance.

During the driver fitting, we use numerous test clubs as well as Callaway's Opti-Fit system so that you get the best possible choice for your bag. At the conclusion of the fitting, you will know the appropriate club characteristics for your swing.

Iron Fitting

    While most of the time spent in any of the fittings is dedicated to shaft characteristics, a significant part of the iron fitting is determining the proper clubheads and set make-up for you.  Do you need offset or a wide sole?  A blade or an oversize cavity-back or something in between?  Some golfers carry a #2 iron; some won't carry anything longer than a #5 iron.  We take the time to make sure that you get the clubs that you need without getting stuck with clubs that you don't need or would find difficult to use.


Putter Fitting

The most important club in your bag is your putter.  An average golfer will hit his or her driver 12-13 times in a round; they'll hit a 7-iron 15 times; a SW 14 times.  But, the average golfer will hit their putter 35-45 times a round!  You'll use your putter more than twice as often as any other club in the bag.  If you're using a club that often, it needs to match how you putt.

Putter fittings at The Golf Doctor are designed to help you to become a better putter.  We test you to make sure that your putter is the proper length, swingweight, lie angle, loft, head type, grip size, and more.  When your putter fits you, it becomes easier to consistently make your putting stroke.  Consistency is a key ingredient in putting.  Anyone can make a 4 foot putt.  The trick is to have the confidence that you can make them all.

We use high-speed digital cameras to accurately measure the precise loft of your putter at impact, as well as the distance that the ball skids before it begins rolling.  You cannot measure these critical variables without the proper equipment.  Our putter fitting session gives you the tools to be able to lower your scores.

Wedge Fitting

Another fitting involves selecting the proper wedges for your game. Different course conditions require different wedges.  So do different swings. We make sure that you are getting the right wedges so that your short game is the best that it can be.  TrackMan™ allows us to accurately measure spin rates from your wedges and makes it easier to choose the right wedges for you.  In addition, we can "gap" the wedges more efficiently to insure that you have the right scoring clubs in your bag to give you a better shot at the pin.

Long Game Fitting

Do you need hybrid or fw woods or some combination of both?  Different golfers will perform better with different clubs, and the long game is critical to improving your game.  The Long Game Fitting at The Golf Doctor will help you by measuring your performance with different types of clubs.

FW Woods:

While finding the correct shaft is critical for fitting fairway woods, finding that shaft isn't enough; we also need to determine both the correct type of fairway wood and the appropriate loft.  Some golfers might need a #3 wood while others might need a #4 wood built to a #3 wood length.  Some golfers benefit from low profile heads, while others need higher profile clubs.


More and more golfers are using hybrids these days.  As their popularity has grown, the variety of head and shaft types has also grown.  Getting fitted for a hybrid makes sure that these "rescue" clubs are as easy and forgiving to hit as possible.  Do you need offset?  Are you better off with a fairway hybrid or an iron hybrid?


Introductory Fitting

Just getting started or not ready to go through a full fitting session? We can work with you to get the basic measurements for your golf clubs so that you are starting with clubs that don't reinforce bad swing habits.  Make sure that your clubs are the proper length, grip size and have an appropriate flex for your swing.

Gap Session Fitting

One of the most important questions you need to be able to answer in golf is "how far do you hit your clubs?" In order to know which club to hit in a certain situation, you need to know your distances. Until now, it has been almost impossible to accurately gauge these measurements on your own.

A TrackMan™ Gapping Session gives you the relevant information to help you make the correct decisions on the golf course. In addition, this session can point out potential problems like incorrect lie angles, or yardage gaps.

During this session, you will hit a series of shots with every club in your bag to get accurate measurements for each club. In addition, you will be hitting premium golf balls - not range balls - so that the measurements are real world measurements.  Hitting range balls or hitting into a net can reflect real world conditions, but just like your car windows, reflections may appear different than reality.

Ball Fitting

Are you playing the best ball for your game? First you need to ask yourself what your goals are before selecting a golf ball. Do you want to hit the ball farther? Do you need a higher or lower trajectory? Do you need more or less spin around the greens? Different balls will satisfy different needs and no ball does everything, so you need to really consider what is important to you.

A TrackMan™ ball fitting takes specific measurements of the golf ball when you hit it with your own clubs. At The Golf Doctor, we can take your goals and determine the best ball from your performance. This is real world testing, not a generic one size fits all chart. You will hit different balls and the results will be tailored to you.

At The Golf Doctor, you can currently test with the following golf balls:

  • Srixon

  • Bridgestone

  • Callaway

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