The Process

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Assesstment Process

1. Comprehensive equipment evaluation

2. DNA swing evaluation

3. Equipment testing

4. Review, explain and recommend


        When you hit golf balls in a real ball flight, you get the confirmation of seeing exactly where the ball is going. Yes, we use the latest analysis equipment, including launch monitors to collect data while monitoring your shots, but more importantly you can see what is actually happening and where your shots actually go.


        A clubfitting at The Golf Doctor is a comprehensive, performance based process that is designed to make sure that you have the optimal golf clubs for your game. The process has been developed over 15 years, and insures that you get the best equipment.  At The Golf Doctor, we have over 1,000 different test club combinations to insure that we can determine the proper club for you. 

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90-120 min. $125

120-150 min. $175

45-60 min. $75

60-90 min. $100

90-120 min. $125

60 min. $45

60-90 min. $150

60min. $75

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